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donderdag 7 september 2017

Crash Test Infiniti FX first generation

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor crashs test infiniti fx35


zondag 3 september 2017

Stuurwiel Steering wheel vervangen

How to remove the steering wheel Infiniti FX 2003-2008
NOTE: When reconnecting spiral cable, fix cable with a tape so that fixing case and
rotating part keep aligned. This will omit neutral position alignment procedure during spiral
cable installation.
1. Set the vehicle to the straight-ahead position.
2. Remove driver air bag module. (Disconnect battery)
Picture scheme= of 2009 FX

Step 1 Important!!
Put out the contact and remove the cable of the battery under the hood
Step 2
Remove the 2 plastic (black) caps on each side of the steering wheel housing
Unscrew the 2 bolts on each side of the airbag with a Torx bit size?
Don’t “screw them” and use good bit/size
The bolt on this picture is “screwed”

Now remove the airbag
Step 3
Now remove the airbag upwards

Make picture of the backside to notice how the cables are connected so you will know how to put them back!!!! (I forgot that but was not important for me at that time)

Picture is just example not certain of real connection
Step 4
The yellow clip i.e. consists of two parts black and yellow the black part is on top of the yellow.
So remove (by lifting upwards) the black part and after that the yellow part in same way.
Be careful not brake the parts! See the back of the clip how it is connected so tear it at the sides up.
Of course same way for the orange.

Make picture of the backside to notice how the cables are connected so you will know how to put them back!!!!

Remove the small cables from the airbag carefully out of the 2 clips yellow and orange in the steering wheel these are very delicate!!

Step 5
Remove the big nut on the steering wheel with 19mm

Step 6
Use a steering wheel puller   J-25726-A

or this homemade one

Step 7
Position the puller two bolts on each side screw (a few mm) those into the two holes and by screwing in the bolt in the middle the steering wheel comes lose very easily

Step 8
Remove this cable with clip by pressing at the clip at bottom (of the steering wheel)

Step 9
Measure the hight in mm from the top of the bolt to the center of the steering wheel so you will know how much to screw it back.

Unscrew the copper bolts on each side (see pictures) until you can remove the cables of the steering wheel 2 control units (radio/cc) with torx 40

Put them (bolts and control cables) back afterwards in same position
Remove the radio& adaptive cruise controllers by the sides of it see picture

Step 10
Rebuild the steering wheel in reverse order

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